A Day In The Life Of a Digital Marketing Consultant

February 19, 2021
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Needless to say, COVID 19 has shaken up our day to day routine. To tell you the truth, I struggled at first, when trying to adjust to working from home. I easily became distracted with cleaning, organizing, cooking, showing my babies some love (I’ve got 2 chihuahuas <3), you name it. I found myself more productive during night time, so almost every day I stood up until late at night trying to catch up with late tasks. This went on for about 15 days but then I was able to rearrange my time, organize my tasks and actually stick to a schedule I set up for myself. It was hard, but not impossible. 😉 

I do have to say being physically in the office makes me a lot more productive and helps me focus more because there’s nothing much happening around. Of Course! I love chit chatting with my co-workers for a bit, but then we run out of things to say and we get back to work. 

Let me walk you through what it is like to be in my shoes for one day. I’ll also share some tips and tricks that helped me, and may help you, improve your working at home experience. 

Get Ready

First thing’s first, I wake up around 7:15 – 7:30am, or even 7:00am, if I’m not too lazy, and check my phone for any new notifications. Then I finally stand up, do some stretching, brush my teeth, shower, and I get ready for work. (Work starts at 8:00 am) I make myself a quick breakfast and I eat while I check my email and plan out my day. It helped a lot to take a shower and get ready as if I was still going to the office (minus the makeup and office clothes). It made me feel fresh and awake. If I stayed on my PJs and waited to take a shower until later, my morning didn’t feel as productive and I’d feel tired the entire time. I don’t know, maybe it’s psychological, but it worked for me.  

To-do Checklist

I personally like to write down the things I need to do during the day in an actual piece of paper, and then scratch out whatever has been done as I go. This might sound crazy, but the pen I’m writing with also needs to feel very smooth on the paper. It just makes me feel motivated x2. Even my handwriting becomes prettier. Anyway, it’s satisfying to see how many of those things I have accomplished by the end of the day. If you don’t do this already, I encourage you to try it out. It will make you feel organized and somehow determined to keep at it. 


During the mornings, if I don’t have any scheduled calls or meetings, I like to only focus on managing accounts, and then, use the afternoon to call/catch up with clients of the accounts I managed that day. This way I can share with them recent insights of campaign performance and it helps me not to forget to follow up or ask them any questions I may have at the moment. Additionally, if I do it this way, I don’t need to zone out of my “focus mode” and then struggle my way back to optimizing, which usually takes a while. But of course, if another client calls in, I pick up the phone and assist them right away. 

On busy days, I like to listen to music on Spotify while I am managing accounts. It helps me stay focused and keeps me from getting distracted by a noise, my dogs’ barking, and no other thoughts cross my mind, such as “I need to do laundry”, or, “I need to wash the dishes I used this morning”. 

Lunch Time

Lunch time is usually from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm. Sometimes I make my lunch the night before so I can just heat up and eat. Some other times I make a big batch of food for dinner and eat leftover food for lunch. Whenever I do this I even get a chance to take a 10-15 minute power nap to start fresh the second half of the day.  Most of the time, however, I’m too tired to cook at night time so I take 30 minutes to cook and 30 to eat and chill, which is still enough time.

Take a Break

I allow myself 2 15-minute breaks during the day, at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm, to do whatever I need to do that isn’t work related. I also take smaller breaks throughout the day to stand up, walk to the kitchen and grab a glass of water to, not only stay hydrated, but to give my brain a little rest. This has significantly helped with time management, giving myself a designated time to do other stuff.

Log Out

At 5:00 pm I log out and shut my computer down. To seal off a good productive day, I like to sit back, turn on Netflix and relax with a glass of sparkling wine. Because wine not? 😉

Hope you enjoyed a day in the life with me.  Take care and stay home! 

Cheers! Until next time.

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