A Day In The Life Of A Community Manager

February 6, 2021
Community manager

Meet Rocío Fuentes, our Social Media Marketer, who will depict a snapshot of what it is like to be in her shoes.

This is actually my first time working as a Community Manager and it has been a blast. Since day one I have enjoyed this role very much because I get to be the face of the company and interact with the community on a daily basis. I am discovering and constantly exploring my creative side, which I didn’t think I had! 

I have been working from home since day 1 and I must say it feels liberating. I feel in complete control of my time and energized throughout the day. Sometimes I miss the interaction between co-workers but honestly the not having to prep my meals and commute just weighs more.

That being said, let me tell you about a typical day in my life (post COVID-19):

  • Wake up at 6:30AM
  • Go out for a 5K run
  • Have breakfast and get ready for work
  • Head to my desk
  • Check all social media accounts
  • Reply direct messages and/or comments
  • Check my emails
  • Talk to my colleagues
  • Post on all accounts depending on the hashtags
  • Scroll through relevant web portals and social media accounts to get some creative inspiration. Also to be aware of new trends in the online world.
  • Create relevant content and follow up on other marketing strategies.
  • Follow up on campaigns 
  • Check again on all social media accounts for any update
  • Check my emails once more

Every good Community Manager dedicates their time to explore the clients: their needs, values, beliefs, goals and then create a strategy based on this knowledge. I feel committed to the community because they rely on me to provide valuable information and suggest the best possible changes that can improve their business, and that to me means more than anything else.

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