A Day in the Life of a Chief Marketing Officer

February 26, 2021

Let’s meet Aaron, First Rank Digital’s Chief Marketing Officer, Website consultant, SEO Coordinator, PPC supervisor, Report Analyst, Coding Enthusiast, IT support, Trainer and Professional Whatchamacallit. All jokes aside, at First Rank Digital I wear many hats and I am a firm believer that in both work and life, we shouldn’t be defined by 1 title, 1 hobby, 1 activity or just 1 set of skills. We need to be able to dwell into many facets and feel happy in everything we do on our day to day lives.

After COVID-19 hit our lives and changed the way we go about our regular days, we started working from home and spent this way for 9 months. In October, we went back to the office sporadically. I work from home 3 days a week and I go to the office 2 days. My routine varies depending on where I’m working from but usually my day looks like this:

Morning Routine:

I try to wake up around 6:30 am, I get up and take my dog out for a quick walk, put food and water on his plates and then I also do the same for my 2 parakeets. I didn’t have any pets before COVID started, but then the family grew as we found ourselves being at home all the time. This helped us cope with the feeling of being locked up. I have a quick workout, maybe some pull ups, push ups or going for a run around the block.

Then I take a shower, get dressed, make coffee, read the news (video games and my local news are my way to start the day) and start working. Work starts at 8:00 am. I check my calendar to see how my day looks, I write down my taks on a priority-base so that I can accomplish the most important ones first and then work through the rest. We have a daily meeting with the team early to determine if they need my help with any pending tasks during the day or if I can provide any extra support.

After the morning meeting with the team I review all the tasks I have for the day. I prioritize my tasks depending on the urgency. I answer emails, make calls, generate ideas, provide support, etc. My days are never slow nor low on things to do.

When going to the office the only difference is that I wake up a bit earlier, around 6:00 am so I have plenty of time to do the same things I normally do and then commute to get to the office on time.

Unwinding at noon:

I take lunch around noon or 1pm, when at home I do normally take 1 full hour and eat while watching Netflix, a movie or just talking to my wife. This 1-hour break helps me get away from work and come back with a fresh mind to power through the evening.

When I’m at the office there’s usually more on-the-spot-questions or things to do that might prevent me from taking 1 full hour, but I at least take 30 minutes to either read, watch videos, play some video games on my phone or even run a quick errand (this week I had to go fix 2 tires, just my luck).

Finishing up my work day:

Regardless of where I’m working, my afternoons are very similar. I usually schedule important meetings, important calls, training sessions or account reviews in the afternoon and with such taxing activities the day just goes by. Even if the work day ends at 5 PM I usually spend an extra 30 minutes to an 1 hour working a bit more as there’s always another task to complete or another plan to start.

After I finish work, I like to workout in the evening. I go to Crossfit at a local box near my house. The box closed for 4 months due to COVID-19 but it recently opened again with a few restrictions to avoid any risks. Working out helps me relieve stress and keep good energy levels. During the evenings, I eat a quick dinner and sometimes I take online courses and trainings to learn new skills, systems and plainly acquire more knowledge. Sometimes I just play video games.

Last couple of hours of the day before going to bed I watch Netflix with my wife or just talk before calling it a day and starting all over again.

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